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How to fix toilet bowl losing water? detailed instructions

Toilets are an integral part of every home. They are an essential part of our plumbing system, and they save us lots of water each day. However, some toilets can run slowly or stop working altogether. To fix this, you’ll first need to understand how to fix a slow-running toilet. From there, you can clean out clogged pipes or save water by using fewer flushes.


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Slow-running toilets – also known as plugged toilets – occur when mineral build-up blocks the flow of water. Typically, this happens when someone hasn’t cleaned the bowl in a while. In that case, it’s best to turn off the water and clean out the pipes with a plunger. You can also try running vinegar through the drain to neutralize any chemical build-up. Lastly, removing hair from the bottom of the bowl may unblock it on its own. All these methods work well for clearing blocked pipes in other parts of your home too.

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If your slow-running toilet is still working, you may have bigger problems to deal with. Some pipes can be difficult to access without damaging them further. Luckily, there are safer options for cleaning out clogged pipes. You can use a jet sprayer to blast away any dirt or residue blocking your drain. Alternatively, you can pour white vinegar down the drain to disorient any stain or debris and cause it to float out naturally. After cleaning your drain, run clean water through it for 30 seconds to remove any vinegar smell or residue before using it again.

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To save water without cutting back on your usage, you can reduce the number of flushes you give when toileting. You can also replace old water fixtures with low-flow models if possible. Alternatively, look into installing a water conservation kit like a sponge filter system on your faucet handles or a water cooler with a pitcher system. If your water is still running slow after following these steps, contacting a plumber is always an option as well.


By following these tips, you can fix most common issues with slow-running toilets such as clogged pipes or running dry. You can also reduce your usage by reducing the number of flushes you give when using the restroom. There are plenty of ways to save water without limiting your bathroom usage; just think about what you’re doing when you use the bathroom and adjust accordingly!

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